This lockdown period get huge discounts with Norton’s gaming antivirus

The all-new Norton 360 antivirus for gamers is available with humungous discounts and it is designed with keeping a designated view of video games in mind. With the latest features and huge discounts,. It also allows you to turn off the notifications. While playing games and much more like protecting your gaming identities from unknown gamers or hackers on a gaming platform.

As everybody is stuck in their homes even after the unlock period has started there is an option to play games and compete on a global level. So while playing games online there is much risk involved as data or identity breaching. The Norton antivirus software has been an acceptance and has maintained the standard for long and now the security software company has recently released a special edition of its Norton 360  for the gamers.

More about Norton 360 for gamers

The Norton 360 for gamers is now available at just $50 inclusive of huge discounts for a year of protection over a period of limited time. It also offers the same services that a company offers but with huge discounts. These features include turning off notifications while you are playing the games in full-screen mode.  Moreover, it enables you to monitor the web for your gamer tags using identity theft protection and other services. One of the best parts is that it is on the discounted offers. You can take preventive steps to protect the software with good affordable prices.

With Norton 360 that is specially curated for gamers, you will get the protection on up to three devices that can easily range from a variety of devices such as Mac, PC, iPhones, iPad, and other android devices. It generally comes with a 60 day warranty period that you can easily use to get a refund. If you are unhappy with the security software performance and its services.

What to expect from Norton 360 for gamers?

There are some of the key features that are included in the Norton Lifelock protection that enables the users to monitor the internet and alerts. If it seems that the gamer tag, username, or email address is available on the non-reputable websites. Moreover, it comes with a VPN that enables the users to secret his/her IP address. Along with a firewall that protects you from malware and other relevant hacks, the password manager, and other vulnerable things. There is much more to learn about the Norton 360 for the gamers on over the company’s website.

Remember, if you are searching for a VPN that can protect your IP address and keep you connected to the world. Then there are many options that are great to view the other vulnerable regions. Selection of streaming services such as Hotstar. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many others. However, it is important to consider that the trusted services are very hard to identify so. All you need to come across 360 for gamers at an affordable price with huge monthly discounts.

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