Norton identity safe now stores the logins in cloud storage

The Symantec software provides the Norton Identity safe that promises functions that are similar to functions of password for free. This function is known as 1Password, which is a fantastic cross-platform that enables the user to store, lock, and quickly retrieve the login along with personal information. Using this function you can easily access the password-protected websites just with a click and then store. The encrypted copy of the passwords linked with Dropbox in order to access it and using. The companion apps along with browser extensions. The 1 Password app costs around $50 and with the release of Norton Identity Safe that promises the basic function for free.

As far as the functions of this app the Norton Identity safe doe a basic function that is tested on both Mac OS and Windows 7 and they found that either way that we can automatically add to the vault. Moreover, the auto-fill option for filling the password fields that we have stored. Remember, since the Norton hots the password data there is no need for any Dropbox account and you will need two passwords to complete anything. This is to access Norton’s cloud services to access the passwords. Both the passwords cannot be the same if you are wondering and the software is limited to website logins, private notes, and more. In addition to this there I no way to store the credit cards or to access the wallet item information. Get more updates on

More about Norton Identity safe for 1Password app

On the Mac OS X version, you can access the Menu bar app that enables you to access the OS X to auto-fill the passwords. On the other hand, the Windows version is a confusing, piecemeal combination of three different user interfaces. The moment you launch Identity safe it will trigger the Internet Explorer to access the Norton website. However, if you wish to create new passwords then it will launch an instance of a desktop app. The toolbar doubles the internet security tool to check whether the website is safe or not.

For the mobile apps, you want to use, the passwords on your phone. The Norton has the application for Android and Ios are not repositories of data that you expect. Rather there are no-frills for the replacement to the mobile browser with slow. Light features it feels like Norton enables easy-access of your devices keeping your security intact.

To conclude

In comparison to the 1 Password app, the Norton software has a reason to update its software. The Identity safe toolbar is a complete package for desktop internet security. Even if it is for free, it doesn’t feel like a compelling offering with the Symantec website that may start you to charge for the security services. The recent update says that we originally having trouble to access. The Identity safe for working with Chrome and Firefox web browsers. However, the app installed in the toolbar in both Windows and Mac once the system gets restarted. For more updates, you can visit

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